Washstands Vanity Units

Designed and handmade by Handmaiden Design

Washstands: Washstand Vanity unit drawing

Washstands: Designed and handmade by Handmaiden Design

A range of wash stands, made to a high finish using simple and beautiful natural materials.

Unique and Individual
Painted wood reveals its grain while offering a vast range of colours and finishes to co-ordinate or define any colour scheme. No two pieces of stone look the same, but we hand select and finish each piece to the highest standard to create a stunningly beautiful countertop. We offer any basin and tap combination, incorporate ‘designer’ style basin wastes and traps, and offer a choice of hardware, knobs, hinges, handles alike.

Our stock range
Widths of 60, 90, 120, 150 and 180cm. The depth is 54 cm, except the smallest which is 44 cm.
Washstand styles of shelf only, shelf and drawer, and cupboard. The standard countertop height is 73cm.
Inset undermashed basin styles are 85cm high. A slightly taller base unit which brings the top of the basin to a similar height as the countertop style.
Collection from our workshop in Rotherwas or delivery either by our personal service or on a door to door pallet service.
The normal build is a free-standing type, but we also have fitted types which suit alcoves or where the furniture will be the full-room width. Very large pieces can be assembled on-site for ease of movement and installation.
There are cabinet options to suit various plumbing arrangements – we’ll discuss this during ordering.

Custom sizes
Let us have your dimensions and we'll send back a scale drawing of your choice of washstand and fittings, priced the same as the nearest size up in the standard sizes.

See our listings on ebay or to start planning your own washstand, send message to:

Washstands: Washstands email

Washstands: Washstand Vanity unit 160cm

Washstands: 160cm double inset washstand vanity unit, drawers with lower slatted shelf

Bespoke design

We're used to adaptions and new concepts whilst keeping to principles of a solid build quality, the use of fine materials and an excellent finish


The following pictures illustrate the range and variety. Each washstand is a unique piece. There are several pages of washstands. Use the page-links below to click between the pages.